An incredibly useful experience

From Rebecca Johnson, Arts and Heritage Manager, Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery
Rebecca and Jenna working on their bid July 2018
Jenna and Rebecca working on their bid July 2018

I have found the experience incredibly useful in that it gives the time and space to pursue funding bids with a flexible and agile support system. The peer to peer element of the programme has been particularly interesting for me as it is easy to sit in your own silo and work with the funders and areas you have always used. For me working in the arts I am experienced at Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery fund bids, but from others I am learning new opportunities, thinking laterally and starting to dip my toe into other areas of funding that I knew nothing about. The space to discuss your ideas and plans and perhaps take them to somewhere you didn’t expect is wonderful, however this is a time consuming process and the 6 month period is not enough time to start to understand a funder, develop new collaborations and be successful in a funding bid.

I attended the first programme as a supporter to help an Arts council funding bid (which was successful) but found that on top of the successful small joint funding bid the other connections I made have helped develop new ideas and possibilities. I am aware that this process won’t be quick – there will be small quick wins but to get the big goal could take up to a year and I would very much like to work with ImaginationLancaster and Lancaster University throughout that time.