The 101 of Bid Writing

One of the realisations we had as we continued with this project was that many of the people who attended our workshops were very new to the bid writing process. Some had only written very small bids while others had never written any at all. With this in mind we created the Bank of Imagination and the Bid Writing 101 workshop.

The Bank of Imagination is an imaginary funder with specific criteria in order to allow our new bid writers the opportunity to see what applying for funding would be like and to teach them transferable skills which they can apply to real funding applications in the future. Attendees on the workshop had to submit an Expression of Interest beforehand, and then after the workshop had to submit a completed Funding Application form – both of which we critiqued to give them constructive feedback so that they grew in confidence and skill.

We held the first of these workshops on the 24th May at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery. Our enthusiastic attendees had all done their required homework and came eager to learn more about the skills needed to write successful bids for funding.

During the session we gave a presentation on what to consider when writing a bid for funding and then allowed time for everyone to make a good start on writing their bids while holding short one-to-one support sessions to answer any questions.

From the brief feedback we’ve received already everyone found the session extremely useful and now have a sense that applying for funding isn’t such an insurmountable problem after all.