What is Bid 101?

Bank of Imagination

What can we fund for you today?

Bid Writing 101 workshop

This is a highly interactive, hands-on workshop to help you develop the skills to write effective funding bids. Whenever possible we have no more than 8 participants per workshop.


Before attending the workshop you will be expected to plan a project that you would like the Bank of Imagination to fund. This does not have to be a real-world project; it is simply a vehicle to enable you to take part in the workshop.

On the day

After introductions there will be a learning section which will take you through the bid application and inform you the types of information you may need to consider in order to make your bid successful.

There will be brief presentations from all participants to explain what their project is.

Writing your bid

Each section will be considered individually as a group with discussion of what information may or may not be included. There will then be a set amount of time to complete the section with relevance to your own bid.

Once all sections have been completed we will take a short break for lunch.

After lunch you will have a further half hour to proof and finalise your bid.

Group Feedback

Each participant will present their bid and everyone will evaluate it against pre-determined criteria.


The end of the session will allow for reflection of what has been learned and ensure that everything has been understood and answer any further questions.