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Workshops, Events, and Activities

Over time the Funding Accelerator project has developed several types of workshops and events which help facilitate the creation of new project ideas and support them through the bid writing process. You can find a list of our current events pinned to the front page of this website.

All workshops include refreshments and meals, plus accommodation when indicated.

Bid Writing 101

This is a highly interactive, hands-on workshop to help you develop the transferable skills to write effective funding bids. Whenever possible we have no more than 8 participants per workshop.

Bid Acceleration Day

A full day, usually from 10am – 7pm, where you can have some distraction free time in the pleasant surroundings of our ImaginationLancaster spaces to get your bid written. There will be ongoing support throughout the day from the Funding Accelerator team.

Bid Writing Retreat

A two-day totally distraction free workshop held away from your place of work and Lancaster University which involves an overnight stay and includes ongoing support throughout the two days from the Funding Accelerator team.

This is an intensive overnight workshop where you will stay with the group during the workshop and throughout the evening – the Funding Accelerator budgets specifically for the overnight accommodation as we believe the continuing networking and support beyond the formality of the daytime workshop is of great benefit.

Ideas and Collaboration Workshop

This is a half day workshop where we encourage everyone to discuss their areas of interest, skills and expertise, and ongoing projects in order to see where connections can be formed and ideas for new projects created.

Skills and Networking Events

These are sessions learning about the expertise required in order to submit a successful bid for funding and include topics such as the need for impact and evaluation, awareness of different funding sources, and project development.

One-to-One Meetings

Throughout the Funding Accelerator you can book one-to-one meetings with either Leon or Sharon in order to support the development of your bid. This includes assistance in partnering you and your project with the right Lancaster University academics, discussing funder options, assessing your bid proposal before submission, and answering any other questions you may have about the bid writing process.

Please contact us if you need any further information.