Funding Accelerator Stage Two

After our short break things are moving again on the Funding Accelerator project. We’ve been in touch with the project partners from stage one and met up with many of them to discuss where they are on now and what support they need going forward. The feedback on the news of the continued funding has been great with everyone pleased that we are able to carry on supporting them. 

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A bid writer’s experience

When myself and Tamasin were first informed of the project our first thoughts were ‘will we be out of our depth’, ‘will the others be really knowledgeable on writing funding bids’.

However our colleague soon put our mind at rest by putting us in contact with Sharon who immediately made us both feel very welcome. Our biggest regret now is that we did not attend the workshops from day one however what we did attend has put us both in a very good position as we are ready to submit our bid.

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Brantwood House, Coniston

Bid writing retreat: day two

Despite discussions around projects (and football) lasting til midnight all were bright-eyed and ready for more work early the next morning. After a quick round-up of what everyone planned for today and making sure all the support they needed was available it was time to get on with writing their bids. 

Working hard right through lunch and beyond meant that by the time we had to leave everyone felt they had made solid progress with their projects and were well on their way (if not almost there) to submitting their bids. 

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